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Ekko Magic Wipes

Hygienic and environmentally friendly, 100% bio-degradable, multi purpose cloth, made of 100% compressed lint free cotton.

You can use  any where you need a little wipe!

Take your  with you every where, camping, driving, shopping, in the car, on the boat, in the caravan, to the gym, to work.

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How do they work?

By simply adding liquid you can determine how you are going to use your Ekko Magic Wipes

Add warm or cold water and use as a

  • Refreshing towel to wipe hands, neck, face and arms.
  • Household cleaning cloth to dust, polish finger marks off of stainless steel.
  • Clean silver or glass.
  • Highly absorbent cloth to clean up little messes.
  • Dry cloth to clean CD's DVD's and camera lenses.

Add an antiseptic solution and use

  • To bath a wound
  • As a temporary bandage

Add acetone and you can use to remove

  • Nail polish
  • Super glue

Other uses

  • In the garden to propagate seeds, wrap around seedlings in the greenhouse then when the roots pop through you can plant the lot straight in the garden your holds approx 60mls of water what a great way to beat the drought!
  • Add a few drops of your favourite fragrance and use in the car, bathroom etc. any where you want a nice fresh smell.
  • Use them in your centre piece when having a dinner party, then at the end of the meal you can pour the water over and "poof it's magic." Use them at your next BBQ.

The uses are endless.


Success Stories

“ I've found the Groova tool magic for all of my domestic cleaning jobs. It achieves a thorough clean and saves me time. ”

Sandra - Professional Cleaner


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