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Groova Crevice Tool

A crevice tool attachment for vacuum cleaners, specially designed to fit into and clean narrow aluminium window and door tracks with a replaceable brush tip.

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Will the Groova crevice Tool fit my tracks?

  • The Groova Crevice Tool us only 7mm wide and will fit into most narrow tracks.  A simple test is to try a standard size ball point pen in the track.  If it fits, so will the Groova Crevice Tool.

Will the Groova Crevice Tool fit my vacuum cleaner?

  • If you have a standard 32mm vacuum cleaner, and these include Electrolux, Volta Electron, Phillips, Valet, etc, your vacuum cleaner wand will fit directly into the barrel of the Groova Crevice Tool.
  • If your cleaner is a National, Hitachi, or Mitsubishi, your cleaner wand will fit over the top of the Groova Crevice Tool barrel.
  • An adaptor is supplied with the Groover Crevice Tool to fit Hoover, Sanyo, and G.E.
  • Vacuum cleaners with 35mm wands including Meile, AEC, Bosch, Wertheim ET 2000, and Dyson 08 require a special adaptor which is available. Click here to see our range of adaptors.

Where can I obtain spare brush tips?



Success Stories

“ I've found the Groova tool magic for all of my domestic cleaning jobs. It achieves a thorough clean and saves me time. ”

Sandra - Professional Cleaner


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